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I am working with Prof Dave Cartes (Florida State University) to plan the Smart Grid technology conference track at COMPSAC in Sweden, July 2013.  Our goal is to make the COMPSAC conference the flagship conference to present the latest Smart Grid computing technology.  Invited speakers will include Smart Grid government, industry and academic leaders.  In addition, we plan a special panel involving "Young Engineering Leaders in Smart Grid."  If you are interested in participating, please contact me (r.fujii@computer.org) or Prof Dave Cartes (dave@caps.fsu.edu).



Candidate for IEEE Computer Society President 
I have the honor and privilege to be a candidate for IEEE Computer Society President 2015.   This website is established to give you a better view of my background and accomplishments.  This website also contains the goals that I will implement during my tenure as IEEE Computer Society President. The navigation tabs in the left column provide you an immediate link to my qualifications.

As the IEEE Computer Society President, I will work to promote the IEEE Computer Society Values.  As computing technologies continue their rapid impact on society, I will work with the Technical Activity and Conference Board, Standards Activity Board, Membership and Geographic Activity Board, Publications Board, and Education Activity Board to identify and promote new products and services for Computer Society members.  I will also support those activities that encourage education of our professional members to promote individual professional growth and enhanced job opportunities.  I will support forward-thinking and intellectual activities from our academic and professional members to focus on emerging cross-disciplinary sciences (e.g., Smart Grid, life sciences, medicine).  As President, I will ensure that the Computer Society is represented with the highest of integrity in all of our endeavors.


As President, I want to focus on providing better services to our members and volunteers.  The three goals listed below are my top areas of focus.  A detailed list of my goals can be found in my Position Statement.

  • "Grow International Member Involvement":  Create programs to involve more international members in Computer Society conferences, magazine/journal editorships, standards development, and Board of Governors future technology initiatives.
  • "Personalize Content Delivery":  Create new services to tailor content from the Computer Society library to personal needs.
  • "Globalize Computing Education":  Create innovative computing education programs and training for pre-university (K thru 12), university, and industry participants to increase computing technology interest amongst young students, increase degreed graduates, and keep practitioners current with new technologies.

I held many diverse responsibilities with the Computer Society starting as a "grass-roots" volunteer taking on the chair of the Standard on System and Software Verification and Validation (IEEE Std-1012) - one of first software standards. Since that early involvement, I held key Computer Society leadership positions across a broad spectrum of Computer Society activities:

  • 1st Vice President
  • Vice President, Standards Activity Board
  • Board of Governors member
  • United States Delegation Chair for International Software Engineering Standards (ISO/IEC SC7/JTC1)
  • IEEE Board of Directors - Director Division VIII
  • IEEE Standard 1012 Working Group Chair - System and Software Verification and Validation 


I am an IEEE Fellow, Golden Core member, and 43 year Computer Society volunteer.  I had the opportunity to be a Guest-Editor of Computer magazine, presented papers at numerous IEEE Computer Society conferences, and authored chapters in several IEEE Computer Society books.


I learned how the Computer Society functions through my various Computer Society functions.  These are listed below (see Accomplishments for all):

  • Press Operations Committee Chair, responsible for book publishing and conferences before these functions were moved to the Publications Board and Technical Activities and Conference Board.  This gave me the first hand experience with the issues and challenges with publications and conference organization and proceedings.

  • International Standards Chair, United States chairperson responsible for coordinating the United States position and participation in the development of international software engineering standards.  This responsibility taught me the appreciation of the valuable viewpoint of worldwide countries and their diverse interests and challenges in working broad international software issues.

  • Standards Activity Vice President, responsible for standards development across a broad technology range from software engineering, environmental protection, security, voting systems, testing, and local area networks.  This responsibility taught me how following transparent and open governance policies and procedures ensures a fair playing field for all interested parties and upholds the integrity of the society.

  • Fellows Award Committee member, participated in the selection of IEEE Fellows.  I was impressed with the volume of qualified candidates in IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society.  The selection process reaffirmed my belief in the tremendous talent of our IEEE and Computer Society members.

  • Hans Karlsson Award Chair, responsible for establishing the process and procedures for selecting the Hans Karlsson Standards Award.  I was again reassured of the strength of our membership by the quality of nomination candidates that applied for the award.

  • Future Technologies Initiative (Smart Grid) chair, responsible for overseeing the development of the IEEE Computer Society Smart Grid Vision document.  Starting from scratch, we were able to find academic and practitioners who were able to articulate a comprehensive vision of the future of Computing in Smart Grid.

  • Strategic Plan Development Chair, responsible for the development of the 2011 Computer Society Strategic Plan (SP07).  Working with talented team members, we articulated the five focused strategic goals currently in use by the Computer Society.

I believe that these diverse responsibilities have prepared me for the duties as Computer Society President.  
The opinions on this website are mine and are not necessarily those of the IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE. 


Systems and Software Engineers Attending IEEE Std 1012 Working Group With Roger U. Fujii in Beijing, China